VDR mplayercluster

mplayercluster is a media player plugin for VDR, developed by Sascha Volkenandt, doing the cpu-intensive decoding and re-encoding on some other computer in the local network. The development of this plugin was abadoned after the 0.0.1a release, which stopped working on later VDR versions. I've done some small enhancements and fixed the plugin for newer VDR versions, provided here as patches:

FIX: Compatibility to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.3.47+
FIX: Wrong size used when sending init packet, reported by Teppo Jalava
FIX: Compatibility to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.3.38+
FIX: Compatibility to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.3.36+
FIX: Avoid cRemux timeouts on all 1.3.x versions
FIX: Compatibility to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.3.25+
FIX: Compatibility to GCC 3.4 / 4.0
FIX: Warnings solved
FIX: Compatibility to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.3.24
FIX: Compatibility to VDR 1.3.17-Poison, thread-safe fix
FIX: Compatibility to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.3.18
FIX: Reversed Urig2 changes, added compatibility layer 1.2.6-1.3.18
FIX: Some warnings
FIX: Compatibility to VDR 1.3.12, plus backward compatibility.
FIX: Compile error "const cFrame *playFrame = 0"
FIX: Videos getting played in black&white
FIX: Video not playing smoothly
FIX: Buffer overrun in NFS mode causing corrupted filenames
NEW: Use intelligent mplayer 'dvbscale' scaler
NEW: Option to use mplayer.sh script for playback
NEW: Advanced NFS file mapping
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