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runvdr extreme is a runvdr script, just like the runvdr script included in the VDR distribution. Additionally, it supports configuration files, lots of command line options and additional features.

runvdr extreme is now maintained as a community project at vdr-developer.org.

New: Support -i and --instance of VDR-1.7.4+
New: Command line option to set VDR_CHARSET_OVERRIDE of VDR 1.5.18+
New: Function-style callbacks for DVB load/unload commands (backwards compatible)
New: Option to always unload DVB drivers on exit
New: Callbacks for X-Server startup and shutdown to run additional programs
Fix: --lirc not working. Thx to caps!
Fix: --xserver= not working
Fix: load setup-plugin config
New: Start own X server for VDR to run in
New: Experimental support to read sysconfig file from setup-plugin
New: Parameters to control automatic restart behavior
Fix: Small fixes
New: Support for the VDR parameters --localedir and --userdump
New: Wildcards for INCLUDE directive, to load configuration directories.
New: runvdr-conf.d, a configuration tool to activate/deactivate plugins
New: osdserver-frontend for runvdr-conf.d
New: Sample init.d script for Debian systems
Fix: Minor bugfixes for runvdr
New: Pass DVBLOAD and DVBUNLOAD to eval
New: Load ~/.runvdr.conf as default, load /etc/runvdr.conf as fallback
New: INCLUDE directive to load other config file
New: -P "-plugin" drops plugin from plugin load list. Same for -D
Change: LANGUAGE now sets LC_ALL, not LANG.
Fixup release that subs up already known patches
First public version

Perl-script, that reads epg data per SVDRP and writes it back using a different channel code. In this version with hard-coded channels: Sat.1->Sat.1 Austria, Pro7->Pro7 Austria, Kabel1->Kabel1 Austria.

tested with VDR version 1.3.22

A small shell script that can set priority and lifetime of a recording, and that can remove the editing mark from a recording.

Initial Release

A script that converts gettext-po translations from VDR 1.5.7 automatically or manually into i18n.c translations für older VDR versions. With this, plugins can keep compatibility to earlier VDR versions.

New: Makefile integration adapted to recent VDR versions
Fix: Reading multi line i18n-strings
New: Better Makefile integration
Initial Release

Build script that compiles a DVB driver tarball and slipstreams it into an matching Debian kernel package. Can compile for non-running kernels. Configured by variables set in the header section of the script. Outputs a kernel package with -dvb added to the package name and -YYYYMMDD.HHMM added to the version number.

You'll need a V4L/DVB driver tarball, a linux-image-*.deb package file, matching linux-headers installed.

Always keep another kernel installed for backup, in case of an emergency. The built kernel package will OVERWRITE its original package on install, so you might want to install an -486 package for safety if you're modifying the -686 package.

Fix: Compile for other kernel version
Initial Release
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