VDR proxy

Proxy is a plugin that loads a plugin. The proxy plugin acts as a wrapper that encapsulates a VDR plugin and passes through all interfaces. To make this actually useful, the proxy plugin can modify the behavior of plugins, like changing the menu entry, group several plugins in one sub menu and load/unload plugins while VDR is running. This works even though proxy is 'just' a plugin, and does not require any patches to VDR.

The proxy plugin was written on VDR versions 1.3.23 - 1.3.27, but will probably work on older and newer VDR versions too.

New: i18n system update (VDR 1.5.8+)
New: Italian translation, thx. Diego
New: Proxy-support for WakeupTime() (VDR 1.5.1)
New: Proxy-support for new i18n system (VDR 1.5.7)
New: Finnish translation, thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg
New: Control plugins by SVDRP, adapted from a patch by Matthias Schwarzott
New: Proxy-support for Active() and MainThreadHook() (VDR 1.3.47)
New: Adapt to new APIVERSION load scheme of VDR 1.3.47
Fix: Compile on VDR versions between 1.3.18 and 1.3.31
New: Support proxifying Service() interface (VDR 1.3.30)
New: Support proxifying SVDRPCommand() interface (VDR 1.3.31)
Fix: Compile on VDR 1.3.32+
Fix: Support plugin load scheme for vdr --help and --version
New: Command line help for vdr --help
Fix: Compile error on newer GCC versions
Fix: Lots of memory leaks, causing errors on newer glibc
Initial release
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