VDR streamplayer

Streamplayer is a plugin to receive and display network video streams on VDR, turning VDR into a streaming client. The plugin is intentionally limited to DVB compatible MPEG1/2 streams that can be displayed without high CPU usage. One possible stream server is the VLC media player, another one is the HTTP server of the streamdev plugin.
Streamplayer supports UDP streaming and HTTP streaming, based on the MPEG Transport Stream (TS) protocol.

Compatibility to VDR 1.7.18+
Dropped compatibility for VDR 1.5.x
Experimental support for RTSP using liblivemedia
Compatibility to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.5.16+
Fix crash when starting in UDP mode
Italian translation, thx. Diego
Compatibility to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.5.7
Compatibility to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.3.47+
Compatibility to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.3.36+
i18n-support, initially german/english
Setup option to set receive buffer sizes
Avoid cRemux timeouts on all 1.3.x versions
Improved OSD error reporting
Handle the 'stop' remote key
Support Multicast UDP streaming
Improved data stream handling
Initial release. Compatible to VDR 1.2.6 - 1.3.25+
 VLC croppadd

The VLC media player is able to transcode videos to other formats and stream them over the network. Unfortunately, VLC lacks the feature to letterbox widescreen videos to 4:3 format, as Streamplayer would require.
This patch allows to automatically adapt the video format to streamplayers needs.

More documentation is available at the beginning of the patch file.

Beginning with VLC-0.8.5 the patch is included in VLC. See svn checkin 14796

Crop-padd patch version 2 for VLC 0.8.4
Crop-padd patch version 2 for VLC 0.8.2
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